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Our mission is to find new ways for you

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We are a team of tireless workers with an international network of top-class engineers, successful entrepreneurs and world-renowned marketing experts. Our engineers have developed software for leading companies like Facebook, Alibaba, Amazon and Google. Our state-of-the-art platform has seen continuous improvements since 2012; intelligent algorithms control thousands of campaigns for our customers every day. This makes us very proud. At GetLeedz, we all live for this business and our customers take notice. That is why they appreciate us so much. Anyone, who applies for a job at GetLeedz has to be all in. If there is no fire, there is no job.


We want to make our innovative marketing solutions accessible to every business, large or small – regardless of where they are from. Every day, we put our heart and soul into implementing great ideas. Our recommendation and rating solutions are the most innovative and simultaneously the user-friendliest in the industry.


Our network includes many well-known businesses, VIP customers and fellow start-ups that we support in optimizing their solutions. We also often work with marketing agencies and marketers from all over the globe.


All of them are enthusiastic about our marketing solutions. Their great feedback helps to keep us motivated. Our partners love our never-ending thirst for innovation; a thirst to realize cutting-edge solutions of tomorrow. Just recently, a top 20 insurance company in the world signed on to our legendary evaluation campaign.


 But that is only the beginning. We will take you to the top - be part of it.